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 Jen Bautista



about JEN

International artist Jen Bautista has a repertoire of experiences that makes her a truly engaging performer. With an extensive range from Pop to Ballads, to Soul, Jazz, Dance, Reggae and Rock, she has wowed the world over with her versatility and vocal power. 


A multi-awarded singer, Jen won the Gold Medal in the 10th Annual World Championships of the Performing Arts in Hollywood, California, where she was applauded for her exceptional vocal skills in Rock, Broadway and Jazz. 


Since relocating to Hong Kong in 2009, Jen has performed in various events and shows, not the least for Walt Disney Entertainment. From having a self-titled album, shows in Manila, California, Las Vegas, and New York, and now events in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and other parts of Asia, Jen Bautista draws audiences into the music as she bares her soul into every song, lighting up the stage with her presence.

Jen Bautista's Full CV / Artist's Profile is available upon request. For  bookings and inquiries, please feel free to contact us.



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